This is so wise and incredibly well stated. I wrestle with this daily as my clueless husband, who has now left me, has driven me into a frenzy by jabbing our super healthy teenage boy 16 months ago against my begging and pleading. I am NOT about to let him off the hook by allowing him to say NOW, be not afraid. The fact that he would saddle me with such angst and fear over our child's health is beneath contempt, in my view. And he was never afraid of the virus....just not fitting in. Just not letting our son attend a certain school. So utterly STUPID!! Sure, I can PRAY that our son was given a placebo, or that his body has cleared it with the supplements that I gave him, or that my prayers have been answered. But I do not see HOW I can live, first, with the knowledge that my husband dismissed my concerns and deeply held beliefs, and second, with NO FEAR that this horrendous blunder should go unnoticed and can basically, now just be over looked. NO. He can not be let off the hook like this. But then again, that keeps ME on the hook. FOREVER. And I FEAR that is my fate. I will forever worry for my child and be wounded by the thought that my life partner turned against me after almost 30 years together in a time of such anguish. Such a trauma will be hard to forget.

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Another great article Damian.

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Well expressed and balanced view (and I'm not just saying that because it's a very good summary of my own view too).

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I'm not sure exactly what you think, but let's look at this for a moment:

"This latter type of evidence is particularly difficult for Public Health to counter - it’s very lack of robustness (it is, after all, speculation) makes it awkward to tackle directly and, by its very nature, it engenders emotional reactions that are impossible to control. As a result, this nascent narrative can grow exponentially all by itself with each new celebrity death and each month of continued excess death adding fuel regardless of how nebulous the link to the vaccines.

This, then, becomes the real heart of the issue - it doesn’t actually matter whether any of these theories are true or significant. While there are clearly undeniable signals of concern, all these fears might be false but they would still drive a narrative. And, once that narrative starts gathering momentum, it will be difficult to stop."

Public Health has spent the last 22 years (and gone into overdrive the last 4 years) destroying its credibility with anyone. It's hard to imagine a more transparently corrupt set of organs than the public health ones. So it's a little hard to generate much sympathy for them as they struggle to counter a "narrative" (otoh, it might just be the truth, at last) that they can't control. The reality is, on the ground, after coercing 240 million Americans to get the jab with celebrity PSAs, junk food, half lies, full lies and double lies, not only does nobody believe them, but seriously, everybody hates them. And with very good reason.

And medical boards and pharmacy boards and hospital boards and doctors. And don't blame the public if they feel that way, it wasn't the public that did the lying, but it's the public that is and will be paying the price.

Out of a small group of personal acquaintances, about 400, I know--post jab--2 brain aneurysms, 2 serious myocarditis cases (middle aged women) and 1 heart attack. I don't remember the background rate for brain aneurysms but I bet it's nowhere near 5 out of 1,000 (more like 1 out of 100,000 if I remember correctly). Myo among middle aged women 5 out of 1,000? Again, since I never heard of it pre-2021, I will guess it must have been in the 10 out of 10,000 range (or less).

So what are the jabbed supposed to feel? Fear of possible deteriorating immune systems comes to mind, and fear of possibly losing years and quality of life. And anger, that would be justified.

And the unjabbed, what are we supposed to feel? Not like we won the lottery, since all of us are surrounded by family members and friends who are jabbed. Nobody likes contemplating going to the funerals of friends and family before their time.

You assume somewhere toward the end that this is a "manageable problem." I wonder why you think so?

The best analogy to all of this is 1930s and early 1940s Germany. 1942, "Ja, sure they are bombing our cities and no one is returning from the Eastern Front, but for goodness sake, let's not give in to fear. That would be a real problem."

If fear and anger motivate our world to 1) try desperately to search for anything that could reverse the gene therapy's worst effects and 2) see if we can keep the overlords from visiting this kind of shite on us again, then I'm going with fear and anger.

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Fair. And, I got that more clearly on second reading, after I'd responded.

We shall see as you say.

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Thoughtful and interesting piece as usual and clearly(from comments already posted) applicable to some. However, from so many of my interactions on this issue, with so many, I suspect the majority will continue, ostrich like, to ignore the torrent of possible problems emerging. Close friends and family of mine just don't want to know. They avoid bad news, avoid discussing the V and seem quite capable of continuing the denial ad infinitum. I can't understand how. Perhaps though, and I've not considered this before, they are actually living in fear and I don't see it.

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You’re not taking into account the different batches of vaccines and how some of them were more harmful than others. Or did I miss that? Not everyone who took it will get sick.

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